Sueann Porter Will Hold You Accountable

Stay in the black with Stephenville, Texas bookkeeping

Each month, as the bills flood in, you tell yourself that a CPA would be useful. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Hire the help you need to keep your business financially stable. Your mission has worth – as do the people you employ. Protect the livelihood of your staff and bolster your business when you contact Sueann Porter. For Stephenville, TX accounting services that are equally thorough and professional, call 254-434-4641.

Our local accountant can assist you with:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual audits
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Personal finance statements
  • Litigation counsel and support
  • Employee benefit and profit-sharing plans

4 ways your business can save money

Managing your money is essential. You can’t experience business success without balancing your books. These simple tricks can eliminate employee unproductivity and save you a few extra pennies:

  • Hold fewer meetings – take the time to focus on to-dos
  • Go paperless – if you can send it virtually, don’t print it out
  • Utilize tax write-offs – ask our CPA to get the most for your money
  • Buy generic brands – your office supplies don’t have to be glamorous